Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A month of CO2!

Well, it's almost been a full month now of CO2, and check out the dirt tank!

Looking pretty good! About time to put in a new mix though I think.

Here are the closeups!

The left side ...

The middle ...

The right side ...

And I added it to the "progress pic" just to see the views side by side!

Big difference, huh? Now I have to do a good trim and plant a few more and do a little maintenance but it's looking MUCH nice than it was just 30 days ago!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ohhh holy cow! Or should I say ... tank?

Oh for the LOVE of pete!

I found an INSANE good deal on TPT last night, and managed to talk Ray into saying "yes!" on getting it!

We will be getting a real honest to god ADA tank, stand, light, the entire setup, for a really great deal!

I think it's going to replace the 25 tall since I'm having a tough time with planting that one on the stand it's on.

Wow. How cool!

Here are the pics that I saw ...