Saturday, May 4, 2013

Long time, no post!

Well we had a forced move in August due to the landlord deciding to stop paying his mortgage and thus having the house we were renting foreclosed on.

During the move, the 30 gallon dirt tank broke, and we lost 2 buckets of dirt. The dirt tank is no more. :(

But I have replaced that tank, and managed to save some of the plants and restarted it with ADA AquaSoil instead.

I did have to sell my 100 gallon setup recently - but that is okay, I could have never set it up in our new house without having to modify the floor to support the weight.

I have the shrimp tanks still set up and the 12 gallon JBJ cube and the 30n gallon and 7 gallon at work still, plus two bowls and a small betta tank.

I just bought another 12 gallon JBJ cube as well because it was modified and I was intrigued by what I might be able to do with it.

I should get some pics of it all soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dirt tank vids!

Thought I'd take some vids of the dirt tank for the heck of it!

here is one that shows the FTS (full tank shot).

and this one shows only close-ups.

I need to do a SERIOUS trim on this tank, but it is looking pretty good so far all things considered!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A month of CO2!

Well, it's almost been a full month now of CO2, and check out the dirt tank!

Looking pretty good! About time to put in a new mix though I think.

Here are the closeups!

The left side ...

The middle ...

The right side ...

And I added it to the "progress pic" just to see the views side by side!

Big difference, huh? Now I have to do a good trim and plant a few more and do a little maintenance but it's looking MUCH nice than it was just 30 days ago!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ohhh holy cow! Or should I say ... tank?

Oh for the LOVE of pete!

I found an INSANE good deal on TPT last night, and managed to talk Ray into saying "yes!" on getting it!

We will be getting a real honest to god ADA tank, stand, light, the entire setup, for a really great deal!

I think it's going to replace the 25 tall since I'm having a tough time with planting that one on the stand it's on.

Wow. How cool!

Here are the pics that I saw ...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Look at the difference a couple of weeks can make ...


So I put these images together to better show the progress of this tank ... it's pretty cool I think!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dirt Tank Update!

Well looks like I might have beaten the cyno!! Yayyyyy!!!

I applied lots of H202 and then hooked up a DIY co2 because my dad has had amazing luck with his tank and been doing that for years and since there isn't any fauna in the tank except scuds and snails - it's not like I can overdo it. lol.

I am dosing with Tom's excel every other day and then Flora Pride as well to add in iron and pot ash to the water column ... but thinking of stopping the flora pride, and opting to find Iron Fe by itself, maybe.

Anyways, here is what it looks like now! Here is the full view ...

Close up of the left side:

Close up of the middle:

Close up of the right side:

Looks like I'm going to have to trim real soon! The growth is amazing! I kept hearing that, but nothing really prepares you for the real deal I don't think! LOL!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Betta Tank

So here is Ray's betta - we just upgraded him from a bowl to this little 3 gallon tank (a Tom Deco Kit) because his fins were getting black from fin rot because his water quality was just not great.

Now he has a filter, along with his favorite crypt plant (he likes to sleep on the leaves, or on the rocks underneath the crypt) and his own little light (going to have to get a different bulb, this one is just too blue).

The tank sits on Ray's desk beside his cameras and nick nacks.