Sunday, November 13, 2011

Scored a Fluval Ebi setup, w00t!

Yeeehah! Looks like I just got a hold of a Fluval Ebi setup, might wind up being my dedicated shrimp tank for my office!

The fry are doing good after their move, feeding well as far as I can tell, doesn't seem like I've lost any - yay!

Going to try to score some micro worm and vinegar eel cultures I think, not sure. Might be a little too late for this batch of fry to get a colony established.

Think I'm going to redo my yellow shrimp tank soon, and switch out the Fluval shrimp substrate and add in the natural large grain sand instead. I just throw plants in willy nilly and the shrimps don't seem to mind so I left it/ The plants are doing well as they are, but I'd prefer it to look a lot better.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

In their new tank!

So the fry are in their tank and doing well so far!

Thought I'd take a few pics of them getting the hang of their new tank to share with ya'll! :)

M. Splendida Splendida fry

M. Splendida Splendida fry

Friday, November 11, 2011

Moving, moving, moving ...

All of the M. Splendida Splendida fry have hatched (pretty sure anyway!) and when I tested the water in their hatching tray today, OMG! The ammonia test bottomed out!

So I quickly tested the water of the planted tank that they'd been floating in, which had been set up for about a month now and the parameters were almost perfect (although the ammonia was at .25, so I'll be watching that like a hawk!) and then scooped them all in.

The count so far of hatched fry were 60 + 4 that if they don't die or straighten out will need to be culled. I just thought that since they were such strong swimmers, that *maybe* the water being so horrid was making it hard for them to get their tails fully free of the egg so now they have a shot and if they die, well, best to do it in a planted tank rather than some other method.

But so far, 60 strong babies! Already planning for getting the larger grow out tank set up ... I have a brand new 25 gallon that I could easily setup, and I'm going to need to - this 2.5 gallon might at the most last me 2 weeks ... if that if they all stay healthy!

Thank goodness payday is next week so I can make sure I have everything to upgrade them quickly.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video of rainbows in my office tank

Finally put up this video I took in mid-October of my tank in my office. I absolutely love watching them swim when the sunlight is dabbling through the water, they are so pretty when the sun hits them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

4 little fishies ....

Okay and now we have four successful hatchings and four cute little fry! A lot of these eggs still appear viable, but I expected more of them to be hatched by now, unless the first four were just super early developers.

One fry (#5) is on the bottom with a curled tail - not sure if it was injured or poorly developed or the tail just hasn't fully escaped the egg casing ... it's alive, but only time will tell although in my experience, that doesn't bode well for the little guy.

So far, only a few eggs have "gone bad" so just hoping for a bit more to hatch in the next day or so!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Melanotaenia Splendida Splendida Deepwater Creek eggs - I got some!

OMG tonight we scored one of Gary Lange's egg kits for Melanotaenia Splendida Splendida Deepwater Creek at the SAS meeting!

Two had already hatched in the vial and most of the eggs appear viable! Yay! And such a pretty fish too! <3 Plopped them into the 2.5 gallon grow out tank for small plant clippings in a floating tupperware dish until they all hatch, and gave them a little airstone set on uber low for some gentle circulation. They are soooo cute! (but then they always are!) Sadly there were three small blue fry and a few eggs that just didn't make it ... but rainbows tend to be hardy fish and they always seem to do very well for me, so hoping we get most of the batch as hungry healthy fry! Was a great meeting, the presentation Gary gave was really cool - as someone that has loved rainbows intensely for at least a decade or more, it was neat to hear a little about where some of the fish that I used to breed so long ago came from! Even better, I think R enjoyed it and actually got interested in rainbows too (YAY!), turns out that he really liked the colors (natch!) and he even got very interested in a few species (w00t!). He really liked the gertrudes and the splendidas - and I am thrilled that we were able to get the ONLY egg kit of M. Splendida Splendida being offered to have him really see how to raise these guys first hand. We've now dedicated his planter tank to these fry once they get big enough - which is great! And if we need to, we can always yank out the 55g or one of the 100s to use as a breeding/display tank for the adults.

Also won some free Leaf Zone - which we TOTALLY needed for the water column as one of my anubis is just yellowing out hardcore and scored some Water Sprite to suck up some nitrates in the tanks. I really love the clubs that we have joined so far, and even better, R seems to really like them so far too!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great SAPS meeting!

Another wonderful meeting tonight, but a low turnout sadly!

Matt gave a wonderful presentation on backgrounds and back lighting, to be honest I just never gave any of that much thought, but ... after seeing the effect it had on the demo tank he used, wow! Really got my attention and changed my mind I think!

I was able to donate my riccia mat that I had been growing out (yay!) as I had finally decided that yeahhhh not interested so much in that plant. Hope the new owner likes it!

We were able to pick up a few more free plants for our tank as well, got a bit more java fern, some stem plant that I don't know what it is, a wispy needle leafed plant that I was told what it was but have now promptly forgotten what the heck it is called, a few unidentified little tony stemlings that had stowed away in the leaves of some other plant (no idea what they are either, but they looked cool, LOL) and a super tiny little green gecko crypt! Should be interesting to see what they all turn into! lol

But always fun to hang out with other tankers and talk shop and compare notes on stores and whatnot. Hoping that we will be able to donate more things at the meetings in the future!

Shrimplets! ::::squeeeeee!::::

OMG! I found babies in the yellow tank! How cooool! And they are all soooo tiny! And soooo CUTE! watching them jump is just the most adorable thing, lol.

Sooo I guess they are liking their setup! But damn - that is one hell of an ugly ass tank. Now I can't redo it and make it pretty cuz now I'm scared I'll hurt the babies. ARGH.